Cognitive impairments in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia




memory, attention, thinking, chronic cerebral ischemia


Cognitive impairments, such as memory and intelligence, attention and mental performance, usually suffer in diffuse brain damage, in particular in chronic cerebral ischemia. However, they can also occur in focal brain lesions, such as cerebral infarcts, reaching the degree of dementia. The aim of the study was to investigate the peculiarities of non-dementia cognitive disorders in patients with the consequences of cerebral infarction. We examined 30 patients with chronic cerebral ischemia with cerebral infarction at the age of 58-66 years (M=62.4) and a similar comparison group was chosen. The main results of the cognitive status assessment in patients with CHEM with suffered cerebral infarction showed a decrease in short-term visual and figurative memory, more so in men and with increasing age. There were also decreased productivity of attention, decreased level of abstract thinking, and weakened connection between logical thinking and attention, more pronounced in men and in the older age group. With a disease duration of more than 3 years, the volume of figurative memory and the abstract component of thinking decreased. The main conclusions are: cognitive disorders developing against the background of CIM worsen to a greater extent in men, in persons older than 60 years and in 3 years from the moment of cerebral infarction; short-term medication therapy has no significant effect on cognitive dysfunction, the significance of these results determines the need for long-term, at least 6 months, rehabilitative medication therapy.