Osteopathic treatment effectiveness evaluation of astheno-neurotic syndrome in post-COVID patients




osteopathic treatment, post-COVID syndrome, vegetative status, life quality


The article highlights the materials from the research of the effectiveness of osteopathic treatment of patients with astheno-neurotic syndrome with post-COVID syndrome. The study involved 40 patients of both sexes aged between 35 and 65. Patients with chronic lung diseases, severe heart failure, and anemic syndrome were excluded. The osteopathic status, level of asthenia, level of life quality, status of the autonomic nervous system were assessed. The main group received osteopathic treatment, whereas the comparison group was observed without conducting treatment. It was determined that against osteopathic treatment in patients of the main group, there was an improvement in the craniosacral mechanism parameters, a lower degree of incidence of major complaints; a normalized vegetative status; reduced signs of astheno-neurotic syndrome, and an improved life quality. The effectiveness of the therapeutic measures allows recommending the inclusion of osteopathic treatment in rehabilitation treatment of patients with post-COVID syndrome.