Biomechanical of knee joint during gait cycle




gait, kinematic parameters of knee, knee joints, knee, gait cycle, Vicon motion capture system, Vicon


The purpose of this work is to study the angular displacement and kinematics of the knee joint during walking. and spatio-temporal gait characteristics using motion capture data analysis, based on the observation of a group of healthy young adults. The angles of knee joint were registered for 29 young men at age 18-35. Was used Vicon motion capture system consisting of 10 cameras T40, AMTI platforms and Vicon Polygon and Vicon Nexus software.
Results. The amplitude of knee joint flexion was 54.2±0.9°; knee axis rotation - 8.9±0.9°; lateral knee displacement - 11.9±0.9°. A relationship was found between flexion and extension of the knee joint and rotation of the hip joint. The relevant time-spatial gait parameters in the stance and swing phase, movement amplitude of the knee should be taken into account when choosing the best treatment. The data obtained in this study can be used as a normative basis for research in the early diagnosis of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.